Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm Going to AFRICA :)))))

I signed up to go to Kenya with my church for a short term mission trip. (We will be gone for 12 days)  I cannot wait for the trip!  I have never been so sure in my entire life that I was supposed to do anything. I am excited and amazed to see how God will use us while we are there. We will have Wi-Fi where we are staying so I will try to keep everyone updated while I’m there! We will be leaving in 108 days! Yes, I have a countdown on my phone 
Upon preparation I am asking for your prayers for the Kenyans we impact/interact with while there.
Kenya just recently had their elections so peace and healing hope following that and also for the political leaders.  Prayer that the Kenyans are open to salvation and spiritual growth as well as building relationships with us through God.  Just mainly praying that God prepares Kenya for us and that we complete His will for us while there.
Asking also for your prayers as my team and I prepare for this trip.
Please pray for our spiritual growth and readiness for the trip and to prepare the Kenyans for our arrival.  That God will use my team for HIS glory. Safety with our travel to and from Kenya and our travel throughout Kenya! That all of our luggage and supplies arrive safely! Our physical, spiritual and health needs while preparing and while there. That we are able to be united, flexible and cooperative while there. Please also pray for our families while we are there. It will be hard for them to have us halfway across the world and so far away from them with little communication. And finally pray for me to have clarity with my God’s calling of missions upon my life.
Thanks sooooo very much