Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting Ready!!!- Kenya 2013

Cannot believe how soon I will be headed to Kenya. This time next week I will be sleeping because it will be nearly 4am. But I will have lions roaring outside my window!!!! Haha. And will be busy with the many things we have planned. We will be going between Kandaria and Katito while there. I'm super stoked that I get to participate in therapy screenings and eye glass fitting for the Kenyans, as well as, many other ministries. It's all hitting me as I pack and prepare. Today I did my last Walmart run, hemmed the last skirt that needs packed and went over my check list! Almost completely packed and ready to go!!! I am so blessed for all the support I have gotten throughout the preparations of this trip. Our God is awesome and I can't wait to see what He will do through us I'm Kenya!!! :) Thank you all one last time before I go for all you've done!! 

I will try to post on here with some updates while there so stay tuned! In If y'all want to check out House of Hope in the meantime, go to


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