Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We made it here. Kenya 2013

After 30 hours between airplanes and airports we are safely in Kenya with all members and all baggage. Traveling... What an experience.... First flight to Dallas was a breeze. The flight from Dallas to Dubai was interesting. I passed out for the first part of it...shortly after take off and almost missed dinner. Despite silly me having my underwear on inside out (which I didn't discover until I was on the plane.... Was gonna fix them in the bathroom but someone had missed the toilet.... But that's a whole other story!) the plane ride went well looooong and rough at times but well. I think my crazy sleeping scheduled paid off because I was all ready for the day at 9am Dubai time (1am my time)The flight attendants were all so wonderful and helpful! They even gave me a Milky Way!!!   The worst was the length of the flight. But got to the beautiful Dubai airport safely and now in the wonderful Kenya :) going to head to sleep busy day tomorrow starting at 6 am! So excited to go to the community of Kandaria tomorrow! 

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