Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kenya 2013 Blog 4

What a busy past few days it has been. We said our farewell in Kandaria yesterday and say our farewell in Katito today. Very bitter sweet. I miss my family and friends back home and am ready to see them but will very much miss my Kenyan family when we leave. This afternoon we will head in safari  and then safari again tomorrow am before we head to the airport. This week I was able to be a part of a therapy team in both Katito and Kandaria. It was definitely a God ordained team of varying specialties. I learned so much that I will be able to carry with me and use. I really hope we were able to help meet physical needs of the Kenyans that were in our care. Through the past few days I have also gotten more time to get and know the Kenyans that are making such and impact through House of Hope. Anna and I were able to hang out with David and Pastor Paul for a couple hours and introduce them to some of our crazy American candy! We climbed the mountain where those in Kandaria used to have to travel for medical needs. Lets just say that we are healthy and had difficulty hiking it at times.  With narrow rocky paths, it is amazing they were able to make the journey while ill or in labor. God since has blessed them with House of Hope medical center in Kandaria and they no longer must venture there!  Tuesday ended with a lovely family dinner at David and Justine's home where we were able to spend the evening with our Kenyan family. Yesterday we wrapped up therapy and medical screenings as well as the other projects in both communities and said our farewell to Kandaria. What a beautiful ceremony and what gracious people. They have lavished their love on us in both communities throughout our time here and will forever be in our hearts. 
House of Hope Chapel in Katito
Monkeys outside our hotel
Food prepared for us for lunch in Katito
Some of the ladies from Katito :)

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